Expert Floral Garden Design 

Pocket Full of Posies is a Garden Design company serving Bergen County, New Jersey. 

We design with annuals, perennials, bulbs, tropicals, & vines. We compose artistic container gardens in your urns, planters & window boxes. We create all styles of flower gardens & seasonal plantings. It can be from the most simple planting to the most elaborate. 
I am a certified Garden Designer and I also have a degree in Graphic Design.
I have worked professionally in the Garden Design field for over 20 years and have been an avid Gardener for many more. 
Following my passion, I take great pride in providing each client with a vision of beauty and I anxiously look forward to each



Plants are expertly chosen so that the bloom times are staggered throughout the growing season. Using an artistic eye, I layer color and texture as if it were painted.

Spring Plantings

A celebration that winter has finally come to an end. Oh what a burst of wonderful color. These planters are designed for the early birds who cannot stand to wait for summer planters, after the frost date. They are designed with cool weather plants which are changed out for the following season.

Summer Plantings

Summer planters are designed to provide an impressive impact.The plants are arranged in such a fashion that they seem to ebb & flow and intermingle with each other. Almost like a garden contained within your vessel. With the proper care they flourish throughout the summer! The plants are expertly chosen depending on location

Autumn Planters

As the weather turns cooler we switch to the russet and jewel tones of fall. This reminds us of Harvest, Halloween & Thanksgiving! Its time for Autumn.

Winter Planters

An evergreen, greens, and pinecones to last until spring. What a way to end the season. Planters are created in a manor in which they can be decorated for the holiday and then the ornamentation is removed for the remainder of the winter. This display appears so much better then empty or dead plants decaying in your planters.

Shade Planters

Bringing light and color to the darker areas. People feel that you can not get that beauty in the shade. I disagree!!


The bulbs are ordered the first week in September. They are planted in late autumn. And miraculously they appear in spring!! What a wonderful burst of color!!

Annual Plantings

Annual gardens are planted and bloom all season. They can be planted in mass for a large blast of color!

Seasonal Plantings

Seasonal plantings are a wonderful way to display flowers in your landscape. Whether it be pansies in the spring or fall, a beautiful Autumnal display, or a wonderful grouping of annuals for summer.

Window Boxes

Nothing enhances  a window like a window box. It lends charm in a way that nothing else can!! There are window boxes for all seasons!

Pool Gardens

Pool Gardens are created so that you may enjoy your own private oasis. Very often providing a tropical feel.

Mixed Borders

Mixed borders are created using annuals & perennials. You get the best of both worlds. Annuals bloom all season and perennials bloom once a year and return the following year usually larger than the previous year.